Monday, January 26, 2015

Three in a Nick of Time

hey! I know it's been a minute, and boy is that true. I got busy, I made some people some money and stuff got large. But, now I'm back and getting ready to take you with me on an expedition. That's a long story for another blog, so today you get these three. I know you're pressed for time, I'll be brief.

one You don't have to say every single thing that pops into your beautiful little head. Just because you thought it, doesn't necessarily mean that you need to say it out loud (or type it for keeping forever online somewhere.) And, sometimes it's even best if you don't say it. The fine line that separates what you should say from what you should not say is slippery and requires pretty much your full attention, so don't drink too much. Like, ever. Ever if you're going to be speaking and possibly held accountable for what you say.

two It's okay to not like some people's company very much but you always have to be pleasant until you can make a sweet little diplomatic break from orbit. The Smile And Nod technique is employed here to great success. Be sure your eyebrows are raised (not too much) and you have the pleasant smile of a person who just thought about a white sandy beach while you gracefully excuse yourself. It's that easy. Then don't think about it anymore and repeat if necessary.

three If you shop at Walmart - don't tell me about it. I'm not asking you to lie, I just think you shouldn't tell me if you value the independent spirit of the mom and pop merchants who are the backbone of this country so little that you'd do that. I dunno. It's your life and all, but oh baby ninja - every thing you do matters. And, yea - I know these three things aren't always totally cool, but be glad you're not a grown up yet. 

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BONUS THING: Learn to ask for help. I'm sure I"ll have more to say about this soon, but know that you have to learn this sooner than I did. Till then: CLICK HERE. Scary stuff.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Educate Me Three

one I hope that by the time you are able to read and understand this, the tide has turned in America and it will not be a punishable offense to be smart, but just in case it hasn't - know this: You are going to need an education. Your job as a child is to go to school. You have to go sometimes when you don't feel like it. You will have to go even if you think your teacher is unfair and your classmates are mean. I need for you to wonder and be curious. I want you to question everything and come to your own conclusions. I know you are strong and clever and brighter than most of the other stars in the sky. This matters as much as anything and it may not make you look cool, or allow you entry into whatever cool-kids trendy club you think is important, but it will last forever and is one of the only things nobody can ever take away from you.

two Don't make excuses for anything. Accept the consequences for whatever choices you have made. Life is still not fair (I'm guessing this one truth will never change) and I believe you have been given the skill-sets to make good decisions. People can be just as ugly and disappointing as they can be full of life-changing bliss, and that's just (Worth noting as a parent: Don't teach your kids to blame everyone for their failures. You may not expect them to practice kindness and consideration but we live in a world where they will, ultimately, be held accountable by somebody, somewhere. You won't always be there to hand them a trophy for just showing up and this thing that you do, when you do this, takes it's toll on all of us as a society. So, please don't do that. Just stop it.)

three  Always know that you could be wrong. Sure, you could be entirely right, but stuff shifts and things change. It's a tricky world we live in and it's entirely possible that you have been tricked. Do not take it as a personal offense. It really does not look that good on you when you get all puffy and red-faced about a thing that may or may not be true. Breathe. Call time-out. I'll bet research is a serious slice of goodness, by the time you find yourself here and reading this. Dig it. Do what you gotta do to just, at least, make sure you aren't getting all worked up over something that isn't true.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Three from the Golden Light

one Take note (when you're in the relationship building part of falling in love with somebody) of people who claim to have no friends. People with no friends can be straight-up scary and way more high-maintenance than your average pal who comes with something that resembles a posse. I've said it before, and I'm absolutely sure I'll say it again, our friends hold us accountable and kinda define us. The older you get, the more intense this truth will be. Tread lightly with the friendless and run as fast as the wind will carry you, away from employers, teachers, counselors - even parents, if it's made you feel icky, who tell you that you are their best friend. You are not and will likely never be. The honesty and authenticity of a friendship is dependent on neither person having more power than the other. True friendships save lives and rock Casbahs and thrive when the playing field is level.

two Run and jump and spin and dance and make yourself get out of breath and dizzy and exhausted. Do this at least once a day. I'll spare you the science, but it is FOR REAL Science (as opposed to Junk Science) that a little exercise every single day will fix some portion of everything. It changes the way your brain works with your heart and will and courage and ability to not say the first thing that comes to your little monkey brain, the next time you want to throw a hissy fit. Look at it like preemptive conniption maintenance. Get up, get out and go stir it up, Sparky. Trust me. Every day. Two or three times would be perfect.

three Be responsible for your own actions and thoughts and choices and words and don't spend much time spinning out over the ones that you didn't get to make. You are a million great things at any given time. You are as self-reliant as you are connected and I expect you to expect the greatness from you, that I expect. It's the fine blend that makes you powerful. You have duct tape, E6000, bailing wire and supportive shoes. You know you are loved. Now show us how that looks.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three from The Road

one. Don't stream videos and audios when you're in a public place. It's impolite and it weakens every single other person's ability to just reel in their email, when you do that. Be nice and do what you gotta do, but don't stream in your corner coffee shop (unless they bill themselves as a "Cyber" establishment, then do what you want, I suppose.)

two. Mind your load, you can only keep what you
PapaZ (far left) with the Lears.
can carry. Sometimes the difference between 100 and 110 pounds can break an adventure in half. Not many things are going to go the way you think they're going to go and it's best to manage your resources. There is only so much of you. Don't take on more than you can carry - physically and psychologically. People are a trip; Everybody weighs something. Minimize impact, whenever you can.

(This translates well to a conventional life, too, y'know.)

Papa Zs family
three. Make the effort to stay near the ones you love. We give each other accountability when we have a more unified front, a posse, a tribe... your islanders. You don't have to be, like, all physically up in their space, but do whatever it is that you do to reach out and squeeze your people when you think of them. I'm a huge advocate of the United States Postal Service and can tell you, through extensive personal research, people love to get mail. But, that's just me. Do what you have to do to stay connected. It matters. And, its no fair when you're the only one who knows your story.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Absolutes

one I do not know everything. I know that I act like I do, and I have written like I might, but I do not.know.everything. What I have left you here ... these are just the things that mattered to me and may matter to you. These are the manners and social mores that guided me and a bunch of other humans who (or whom. Look it up) I have loved. I know that you know how to behave. Genetically, you are predisposed to know these things. Represent, Baby. I know you got this and will do the world a solid by remembering it.
two You will love and be loved back. You will be heartbroken and the world will keep spinning on it's wobbly old axis. You will live to love again. You were born with more glitter coursing through your veins and more wisdom in your soul, than most of the people you will eat lunches with. Don't sweat the small stuff and try not to use cliches as much as me. Nobody loves a cliche or a platitude. Yea - Nobody loves them.
three Never stop doing backflips off the dock or cartwheels on the putting greens. Life is way too short to get all wrapped up in suits and ties and briefcases and conference calls. Take adventures wherever you can find them and love the magic in spontaneity. Don't lie, cheat or steal. Do use your Nice Words and speak in whole sentences. Expect nothing, under-promise and over-deliver. 
Now. Go. Get. It's beautiful outside. Whatchoo doing sitting here staring at a screen?
I love you.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Three Things for Beginners: Remedial Niceness

one When someone says, "Good Morning" or whatevs to indicate a howdy: You look at them and say something in return. I mean it. I don't think you should just speak when spoken to, but for the love of God and all things holy, when someone says something to you: Acknowledge it. You are a remarkable person and I know you can do this. You can be nice and respond like a human who was not raised by wolves. If you are offered help with something - either accept it or decline it, nicely. Pay attention to your words because they can become your actions. Just in case you've forgotten: Never, ever (under any circumstance) threaten to hurt someone or raise your hands to them. No hitting or scaring people with your anger. You are not that kind of person and you don't keep company with people who are. Don't forget it. 

two Be happy. As much as possible. You don't have to be happy all the time, but ... Ooohhh, little ninja ~ there is so much big stuff headed your way, to be reasonably and profoundly unhappy about, that I do not like watching you get all twisted up about this stuff that doesn't really matter. And, yes: I know it seems like it matters. 
It's more often than every year or week or day; It's every single minute and turn and choice, a bazillion times a day, that you get to choose to be happy. Sometimes the life machine kicks out some harsh horrible things and they take a minute or two to get over. But, over they get. It won't kill you. Lean in and hug your happy you. It makes you look adorable.

Advertisers lie, sometimes.
three I'm not entirely sure this will even be relevant by the time you are able to call this page up on your own, but just in case: Do not smoke. Please. At the tail-end of a perfectly groomed cigarette addiction I can tell you without doubt: Smoking cigarettes is just awful. 1) It stinks bad. Homes, clothes, hair, breath, cars, fingers. Stinkier than litter boxes and gasoline. 2) It costs a whole bunch of money that you could use to by locally made art, or something. Big bucks. Lots of 'em. 3) It kills you. Yea, like dead. Or, worse.
Surely this will be illegal by the time you see this.
Man. I do so hope so. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 Things: Joanne Cecilia Connor

Nobody knew she was on fire when she got here. My mother: Joanne Cecilia Connor
My mom, Joanne Cecilia Connor, remains the finest girl I've ever gotten to watch grow up. She died some number of years ago on a day exactly like this one. I remember it was more beautiful and more painful than any other day that had ever come before it. I woke up, today, with a complete and entire head full of my her. Therefore, we are going to pretend like I just opened up a leaping can of complete, unabridged Momo-sass on your beautifully crafted, behind, because I'm channeling Momo. 

one You'd best leave it like you found it. This also sounds exactly like the following: Clean up after yourself or put your crap anywhere but where I can see it or if you touch my stuff, don't let me find out or I will whoop you like a red-headed stepchild. 
Stuff like that. 
(Or: Go get me a switch from the Forsythia out back. That was my grand-Momo. Wicked powerful woman, there. I have no memory of ever getting actually switched. I can still hear her voice humming along to CSN&Y songs that we had hummed to her. She played by ear. She could play anything. She never raised a hand to me and the mere threat of it stays with me, now.)
two You're going to get out of it whatever you choose to put into it. So, you'd better love what you're doing. Too many people suffer through jobs and relationships and churches and politics that make their stomachs hurt so bad they have to take pills. Like, real pills from the pharmacist dudes. Sometimes, it causes Cancer. Love what you do and pay attention to what you love. Don't let yourself get sick over the choices you make. Mind your power. Own it. Choose wisely and get over it if you don't. Stop whining and make it better. The only power in the world, is ALL you - it's in you and on you, baby. They are starving babies in Biafra. For real. Learn to love your life as fast as you can. Run. Go! Now. I meant, "Do this now."
three Always take a chance. Gamble. Risk a little of this for a lot of that. Talk to strangers. Put money on a race based on names that you like or numbers that made you wake up happy. Believe in the impossible and random greatness of life. Know that everything happens for a reason and there is no reason. Listen more than you speak because you never know when somebody will gift you with a story that could never be retold or made better. Make eye contact and ask questions. Bring home that band from Ireland because you know that you have two dozen eggs that are only good for three more days. Let them stay in your tipi until they book out. Be present and know that that is some risky business. Don't hold back or reserve or wait or hesitate. Believe. Be all in. This matters. (All of this. Right now. Now matters.)

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